Breaking Harrassment Order??

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looby1914 | 14:20 Sat 10th Oct 2009 | Criminal
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My ex was given a harassment order about 3 weeks ago, this entails not to contact myself, come near us, or any addresses we may be at or my sons school.

Now he has just approached us in the street and followed us, after i continuously told him to get away from us. There is years of previous DV on me and threats of abduction of our son.

Today we walked past a shop on the way to my fathers and he saw us, he came out and approached me and my son who was in his buggy. He was trying to get to my son to apparently hug n kiss him, i kept saying "no get away from us", he started on the "what have i done so bad to you", i didnt get into the conversation and was walking fast to get to my dads and he continued to follow us, over a block n half down 2 roads. He said "if you carry on like this your going to lose him(eg my son because i was refusing to see him). Again told him to go away and im calling police, went for my phone and he walked off, so i hurried on. But he ran back after us laughing saying i will kiss my son so told him to get away and i sprinted again, he shouted "you are definately going to lose him NOW".

I ran to my dads and called 999. Im supposed to be be on Gold priority if anything happens. I called the police and they were meant to come in 10-60 minutes but hour later they rang me saying there far too busy. I explained about being on priority and she said it doesnt count unless the incident is happening there n then. Which i dont think is right.

Anyways, what will happen now will he get locked up for breaching his order?? Im petrified and sat at my dads shaking.


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I get the feeling form the wording you have used you are in the US? Or at least outside of the UK - this is a UK based Q&A site
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sorry no im in the UK and the police still havent been out to see me nearly 12 hours later
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update: police have just been around and they wont arrest him as he could turn around and say he was walking that way. So as per usual he gets away with these things
Looby, do you have a copy of the order.
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i havent dh it was the FCIU from the police that issued it to him, which they did over the phone and then was sending it in writing too. The police rang me to say they went round to his home but it was in darkness, which of course it will be at 12.30am and they will try again. When is another story.

Im going to ring the FCIU tomorow and complain and also speak to my vulnerable victims support worker as i waited 12 hours to get a police unit too me and my son after a 999 call
Ok Looby, also, have a look at They will listen to your circs and can assist with obtaining injunctions free of charge (dependant on certain factors) etc. Worth making an enquiry but make contact ASAP.

Hope this helps.
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thanks Dh

ahmskunnirt, tell you what when you go through these circumstances feeling petrified then come back to me with that sort of comment. Something should be done he's breached his order
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I assume the order was issued in county court. Go to the court and ask for a copy of the non molestation order so you know exactly what he has to comply with. Then if he breaks the order ring the police, if they do not respond ask to be put through to the domestic violence office if they dont respond ask to speak to an officer in charge tell him/her the conditions of the order and you expect a response and if it isn't forthcoming you will complain to 1. the County court who issued the order. 2. the forces chief constable. You should not be subjected to police inefficiency a court issues these orders and expects the police to respond if you are molested. Your ex can expect to be put in prison if he breaks the order. Good luck

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Breaking Harrassment Order??

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