assault by beating

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robh92 | 06:13 Mon 27th Jul 2009 | Criminal
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I have recently been charged with assault by beating contrary to section 39 of the criminal justice act 1988. Basically what happend was that after coming home from a night out at a friends party I came home at around one in the morning and woke my step father up, we then got into an argument where I punched him three times in the face as i felt that he was going to hit me because he has done so before, by this stage my mother and two younger brothers had been awakened. My two brothers aged 18 and 13 along with my step father then started trying to wrestle me to the floor during which my older brother kicked me in the face, which has left me with a broken nose. when they had me on then ground in my bedroom my younest brother and my step dad then both sat on my back to restrain me whilst my mum called the police. soon the police arrived and arrested me. I am 17 years old and have had a few altercations like this one before with my step dad which has ended up with either one of us or both arrested. I know that it is no excuse but on every occasion I have been drunk and I am not normally a violent person, far from it actually. and I always feel ashamed of myself. I would like to know what the likely sentence will be at court and also should I report my older brother to the police for assault although I dont really want to because of the fact that he is my brother at the end of the day and I dont think I should do that to him.

please someone advise me on what to do and what the likely sentence would be.

rob harrison


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If you are a professional footballer you might get away with it .
Have you any criminal record for similar offences?
well domestics are funny and the jude will take into account this and alot of other things, but at the end of the day wether you like it or not you came home drunk and started on our step dad! and i wasnt there so i dont know who said what or who started it but if your brothers then got involved and helped your step dad to calm you down and obviously this is when they holded you to the floor then in my opinion you must of been the problem, and i notice your 17 so not class as an adult yet but i think if this keeps happening you will do time, you still might get 6 months but personally as no serious injury happend you will get something but not time.................i would say grow up before you do the rest of your growning up inside or stay off the beer

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assault by beating

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