spitting on someone's car in new york?? is it illegal

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getdj | 19:46 Sun 26th Jul 2009 | Criminal
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i had problems with another guy who had me fired from my job after i was physical abused at work and they all got together and wrote a lie in a statement saying i instigated it. well i saw the guy yesterday and spit on his car. they know i did it cuz i was on camera and it was obviously spit cuz i was eating crunch n munch... yuk well can i get in trouble? any answers would be appreciated and pleased don't say anything if u don't know.


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getdj, this is a UK site, so it's unlikely you'll find the answer here.
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sorry about that i had no clue. disregard my question. but i think it's stupid that people from america can't get on here and help each other.
They can get on here, and do, and they are very welcome. Unfortunately, none of them appear to be lawyers or people who'd be familar with New York's laws. Now, had you asked about horses, or the English language, or dog training they'd have been right for you !

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spitting on someone's car in new york?? is it illegal

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