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fussydolphin | 09:22 Fri 14th Nov 2008 | Criminal
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my granddaughter was given a reprimand when she was fourteen, how long does this stay on her record


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If you're in Scotland it's wiped at 16, and 18 in England. However, it may stay on till she's 19 as the system is "weeded" on a 5 year basis. Remember, however, that this is only a juvenile caution and NOT a conviction
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Well she is 21 now and she has had her CRB disclosure and the reprimand is displayed on the report. Though it did not effect her in the position she applied for, she would still like for it to be removed. She contacted CRB disclosures (disputes) and they informed her that they no longer deal with juvinile convictions and to contact South Wales Police. She contacted the Data Protection Office (South Wales Police) and left a message on their voicemail over a week ago requesting to be contacted regarding the matter but she still hasn't heard from them. What do you suggest?
Send a recorded delivery letter to the Chief Constable advising that you've contacted Data Protection and have received no response.

Tell him that unless you receive a satisfactory response within 21 days you will make a formal complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office at:

and the Independent Police Authority.

Hope that helps. Uno
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Thank you /will do
Reprimands and final warning are no longer taken off a record. They are stepped down after 5 years, and will then not be disclosable to anyone except jobs exempt from the ROA 1974. This means any employer that can perform a CRB disclosure is exempt and by nature will find out about the reprimand until your daughter reaches the age of 100 or dies, whichever comes sooner.

If your daughters reprimand was for a violent offence of any kind or an offence against a child, she will be banned for life from working with children and vulnerable adults as a schedule 1 offender.

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Police reprimand

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