warrant for arrest for unpaind parking fine.

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grr | 02:23 Wed 07th May 2008 | Criminal
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Going away soon ,(holiday) i am worried i will be stopped at the airport and ruin our family holiday.

I bumped into my ex neighbour who now lives in my old address 4yrs ago. I have not seen him since but he says i had court letters about an unpaid ticket, and one for speeding ticket..unpaid. its been over 4 years as i checked with the d.v.l.a and all points are off!

Is there a way i can check to see if i will be able to leave england, other than going to police.

i thought about going to a court? worried i would be arrested..

Any ideas ..Thanks


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Why not just pay the fines ?

Or as mamjet said ...avoid the issue and make things worse.

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Didn't you have all your mail redirected??? if so - you would've had the letters about any fine as well.
Are you sure your neighbour's not winding you up - partivularly as he seems to know about the fines? And if you didn't tell him - how does he know these letters WERE concerning fines??
I'd pop into your local police station if I were you - admit that you forgot - and offer to pay up.
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Thanks for advice..some of you anyway!

Rang the court ,not on warrant ..paying back every two weeks!!
I dont believe the stupidity of some people.

Of course you wouldn't get stopped you halfwit.
Yes go to the Police and offer to pay money that they had forgotton about/given up on/didnt know about

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warrant for arrest for unpaind parking fine.

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