breaking a referral order

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demi girl | 22:15 Mon 17th Mar 2008 | Criminal
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A 15 year old male friend of mine was given a referral for 12 months recently now b4 he has signed it 2 days later he has committed a new offence of common assault of a girl ayear younger and she is pressing charges. What might happen to him??


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Good Luck to her. What sort of 'friend' is this person? Sounds like one you should get rid of. Speak to his solicitor regarding what kind of retribution he should expect. Assaulting young girls??! Come on!!!!
The referral order will be revoked and he'll be re-sentenced for the original offence, together with being sentenced for the new offence. See here: estion514588.html

I hope he goes to prison forever.
Your friend is thoughtless and have not learned from his first mistake. I agree with Mamjet.
I would be a little more selective in choosing your friends!

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breaking a referral order

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