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DONNAKEBABUK | 13:18 Wed 27th Feb 2008 | Criminal
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I was in Court yesterday for a Drunk and Disorderly and Assault on a Police Officer. The Court heard my mitigation and that I have some serious issues in my life that I am desperate to resolve. He has ordered a MEDIUM Supervision Order but I was horrified to learn that this is 12 - 18 months and you get kicked out after half of that for good behaviour. I am desperate to get help - when I go to the Probation Service, can I ask for a 3 year order ?



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You will have the full term of 12/18 months
Depending on what else you get, you may be able to ask for your Order to be revoked early. You would have to complete everything else on your Order first. You could have something like alcohol couselling, or Unpaid Work on top of the Supervision. Supervision is when you see your Probation Officer and stay in the community.
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I dont want the order revoked early, I want a long probation service so that I can get my life back on track. Is it possible to ask for the maximum they can give to me.

Thanks for all of your help.
cant you just pretend it is a longer order?

then with a virtual order you could call it ten years or whatever, only you have an idea of how long your issues may take to resolve,

a good starting point would be not getting elephants and slapping the old bill!

Do you think you are or may be addicted to alcohol? All right, I'll rephrase that. Do you think that alcohol is now an essential part of your life, such that it is starting to dominate your thinking and your actions and is part of your problems? [You may guess that I'm an alcoholic, though sober for some years]

If the answer is 'yes' then try Alcoholics Anonymous. They don't bite! You can ring them. They'll have some meetings which are open to anyone , some areas have meetings just for total newcomers only, but you'll find you are not alone (my meeting in London, has three hundred present, every week,though granted that's exceptional) And if you don't like one meeting try another. That's the one sane thing I ever did. It's thinking you're alone, that you're the only one, that nobody else has problems like yours, that nobody else understands or can, is what is so demoralising and frightening. Everyone in AA has been there and knows what it's like.
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To FredPully. Sorry if I got your name wrong there hun. Yes, alcohol has been a demon in my life and I have recently undergone an assessment as I self referred myself to Alcohol Counselling. I seeminginly have a psychological need for it when things are bad so I am working on that at the moment. It is such a releif to be able to tell someone what is going on, be truthful about it (I was too ashamed to admit it to myself before) and work on it from there.

Thank you to EVERYONE who was kind enough to give me their advice.

Katie. x
The Probation Service have to go on what the Court orders and also have sentencing guidelines they have to follow of the Court ask them to suggest a sentence. If the Court give you an 18 month Order, the Probation Service can't extend that.

What did you get, out of interest?
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Conditional Discharge and �100.00 compensation to Police Officer (oh and �45.00 costs)

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