What Should I Do Next ?

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TheDr-UK | 02:55 Wed 27th Feb 2008 | Criminal
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I was disqualified in 2001 for three years, I asked my solicitor to appeal however lost contact with them as the firm went under. In 2003 I rang DVLA to see if any appeal had been heard and was told I could have my licence back. A few months later I was spot checked, showed my licence, was told no I was still banned, and got another 12m ban. A year later I started driving again, all legally and above board and set up my own business with all the vehicles insured through me. Early in 2007 I was stop checked again and although the PNC said I was fine to drive the DVLA one in his car said I was disqualified until I had passed an extended test (it seems this may have been said in court, I didn't hear it, or understand it), but his computer showed it was under query, so he let me go and said if there was any problem he'd let me know. In July another spot check (we have a LOT round here) and I mentioned to the officer about the previous stop, the extended test and showed my licence, he rang through even asking if I was banned, answer, "No", so he waved me on my way. In October yet another stop check, again everything was okay until he checked his car computer which showed the DVLA as until extended test passed, again I showed my licence (which he confiscated to check it) and I was told that he would check and get back to me. A few days later he came to my place of work and arrested me for driving whilst disqualified and no insurance (due to the disqualification). I disageed totally, called Swansea (when I was bailed) and was told that they didn't know why the other licence was sent out, here's a provisional, you need to take you test again, both parts, which I did and passed within a few weeks. Now I have to go to court for this, and they've even brought up the one from January of this year whic was served on me in November (claiming to have been started a few days before the six months was up).


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Explain in court just as you have here. preferably through a solicitor.
Yeah hire a good lawyer.

If your name is correct, you are going to have big issues with your regulator, who will inquire into risk taking behaviour, take about two years and totally screw up your life. You need to be insured for that as well. If this doesnt make sense, then you wont have problems with your regulator.
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Things have moved on now: I went to the court earlier this week to ask for the trial to be vacated as I needed more time to prepare evidence as the CPS had recently served witness statements on me from the police officers involved, and although they basically back up my story a few important sections contained factual errors which I felt needed to be addressed.
Once I had put forward my arguement the CPS then stood up and said that I had a "considerable record of deception" (I messed with the figures on my own company accounts 14 YEARS ago), that "nothing I say should be given any great weight because of this..." (really ?) and that one trial date had already been cancelled (end of Jan) and there was no reason to adjourn again as no papers had been given to me recently. Well I stated that they had but because this was only an application I didn't have them with me, and it was refused. Returning home I looked up the papers and the found the statements had been dated middle of Feb, so basically the witness statements were not given to me until after what should have been the original trial and the CPS has lied to the court to prevent my application being successful (they were only written a few weeks ago, so they must have reached me AFTER that point). Not happy (as you can imagine), and now intend to say as many times as possible during my trial that the CPS have lied to the court and that nothing they say or produce can be relied upon, and that if they are willing to do this just to adjourn a trial what else are they willing to lie about.
Concentrate on the issues

and not whether or not the CPS are ickle liars. They may or may not be, but the court will want to decide on the matters about you.

and good luck PP

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