how long does a convition stay on record

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DISCOP | 13:13 Sat 12th Jan 2008 | Criminal
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how long do convictions stay on record?


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although after a period of yrs, depending on the offence,they become spent,but they will ALLWAYS be on your record till the day you die
As Norman states, a criminal record is for life.

For most purposes, the majority of convictions become 'spent' after a certain period of time, so that they don't have to be declared when applying for insurance and for employment. (Even if a question is worded as "Have you ever been convicted . . .?" you can lawfully answer 'No').

However, there are some circumstances where convictions are never regarded as spent. These are principally situations covered by foreign law (e.g. applying for a visa to visit the USA) and employment applications for working with children, with vulnerable adults or in jobs associated with the criminal justice system.

The length of time it takes for a conviction to become spent is determined by the sentence imposed by the court (rather than by the nature of the offence). Full details can be found here:

A criminal record "for life" is not technically accurate.

The PNC Retention Guidelines currently state that records are to be deleted when the subject is "deemed to have reached 100 years of age".
Kempie, that's brilliant! It's as good as the case law about what to do if the defendant dies before his trial in the Crown Court. It is that evidence is taken from a policeman who has identified the corpse and, get this, the indictment is marked with a statement that the defendant is dead AND the indictment is not to be proceeded with without further leave of the court. I love the idea that the judges have allowed for the possibility that a dead man might come back to life and so he could be tried then. (if the court gave leave)Our judges think of everything!
you 2 are nuts.
as long as you live,,,,i sould know!! mine stretches back 30yrs..dont let anyone tell uany different!!!

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how long does a convition stay on record

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