cybering illegal??

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li41ng | 19:23 Sat 04th Aug 2007 | Criminal
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A friend of mine, male 21, is concerned that he has done something wrong, though when I assured him that his actions did not amount to anything criminal, he wasn't convinced. Here is what he told me, he says that he recently engaged in some light, role playing cybersex with a 17 year old girl, no images or video link, just an exchange of sexual conversation. Am I indeed right that he has nothing to worry about?? 17 is legal, and he did not commit the grooming offence, enforced to protect online sex abuse, and it did not involve pornography. Afterall, despite being somewhat immoral, talking sex online is not illegal.


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Does he know the girl personally? If not, she may not be 17.

Illegal with a minor, not illegal otherwise.

have you been watching the ITN news all week,this rings a bell.
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Ha there are differences with the Chris Langham trial. He doesn't know the girl personally. But has no reason to believe that she is not 17. Furthermore, if he reasonably believed her to be 17, which he did, there is no offence.

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cybering illegal??

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