Help please. Trying to pin down a fraudster. overwhelming evidence.

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APeter | 21:01 Fri 13th Apr 2012 | Criminal
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Hi, I am trying to pin down a fraudster in the UK.
I bought an item of him/her and requested it to be sent via special delivery.
I used a direct bank transfer.
The seller then gave me an invalid tracking code.
Then, after a few days, claimed that royal mail had sent him emails stating that they would probably deliver by Thursday.
By thursday, he started stating that the tracking code is now showing that it has arrived at its destination although of course, I have yet to receive a missed delivery card. The tracking code of course does not work either.
He is now turning around and calling me a cheat for denying that I received the item.

I had asked him to forward the email conversation between him and royalmail, which he did. It had alot of spelling mistakes and inconsistent timestamps. It also had the wrong email address for royalmail. I believe that he made up those emails himself although was not smart enough to do it properly.

Among the evidence I have collected, I have his UK bank acc number, sort code, UK mobile number, multiple email addresses, the email conversation between me and him, and an email reply from Royal Mail stating that the tracking code he gave me is simply invalid because even the coding is wrong.

I have also sent another email to royal mail requesting them to comment on the emails he sent me (that he claims were from royal mail) just for more evidence.

A google search of his email address revealed that he was offering "services" to create fake IDs for primarily underaged teens (as described on his online advert). Yet, in his emails to me, he is a police officer with 15 years of service, with a nurse wife and daughter. To date, he has accused me for being a cheat in stating that the item has not arrived yet, also lately, for not paying him as he claims my checks have bounced! (I paid via bank transfer) and also threatened to come to my home address in his latest email.

The only reason why I have not reported this to the police yet is that I am trying to get my money back via reasoning or pinning this person down. The item is worth 272 pounds in value.

What is the best way to proceed? Can the police help at all or will it be a long slow process that is not really worth it? Can I get the person's actual name and address with all these information I have about him?


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Hi, how awful, you poor thing! This is obviously fraudulent activity on his part and quite worrying is his determination to make you think that the tracking code is correct, did you just check the tracking code with Royal Mail or did you tell them why you were checking it? If so, what was their reaction in respect of knowing that he is using their name to obtain money under false pretences? Also, can you check with your bank as to whether you could send a message via them to his bank? They will not give you his name and address, but you could possibly go down that route? Also, why don't you check with police as to which unit he works, normally people tend to use their names as part of their e-mail address, so could that be a start as to try and track him through his work? How did you find this seller, was it through e-bay or just the internet? Not sure if this is going to help, but good luck with whatever you decide to do!!
You're wasting your time. If you pursue him for the money, you'll never get it.
Take your evidence to the police. It's unlikely that you'll get your money back that way either, but he's clearly a fraudster, and at least you might get the pleasure of seeing him convicted.
you have been scammed.NEVER PAY BY DIRECT BANK TRANSFER!!!!!!
the longer you stall telling the police the more victims he is it now.
Forget the tracking code, it's made up and there was never a parcel

Where did you buy it from

I think your only recourse now is either the police or small claims once you have his address. There are many ways to find out his address
type the email address's into google
If you know where he banks, you can search for him by town - find the bank brand by putting the sort code into google
192 and pay for a search - no idea how much this costs though
Facebook could ocme up trumps, or myspace etc
Question Author
I know which town he/she lives in via bank sort code but he/she has given me a fake name, so I am coming up with nothing.
I normally dont do bank transfers, but this person did eventually gave me his/her UK mobile number and UK account numbers after some persistence so I thought it would be genuine. Maybe he/she is really just a fraudster with no real experience who cant spell right either. Met via ebay but he/she used a new account and the transaction was carried out outside ebay.

Royal Mail's response has been not very helpful even though I did stress that this person was hiding behind their incompetencies. They initially just assumed I was a foreigner from a different country and asked me to contact the sender instead. The 2nd email they asked me to wait 10 working days and then simply fill in a form for compensation. The 3rd email they finally checked the tracking code which was of course, invalid. In any case, the code is wrong because it is coded GR at the end which means it is from Germany. They tried varying the code abit in case it was a typo but it was a waste of time. They ignored my request to comment on the emails that the seller claimed he/she received from royalmail but offered for me to request my case be elevated which means me sending them a 4th email and currently awaiting a reply.

As to him being a police officer, I think it is complete nonsense as he has been rude in his emails even though I have always maintained professionalism and courtesy. I have repeatedly told him that I will be using the emails as evidence if need be, but he continues to be rude. In his latest email, he accused me of bouncing checks and threatened to come to my address to sort me out. A police officer or any mature adult will never criminalize himself this way. He/She does not seem to understand as well what me going to the police means. I dont really either but I am sure that a count of fraud means a fine, up to 12 months jailtime, a criminal record that would come up with any background check (VISA application/jobs/banks). Correct me if I'm wrong, but if its the first charge of fraud, can the defender be let off with just a warning... and is this why this fraudster is being so brave?

I know that this person has 4 email addresses, all of which are dead-ends. Facebook doesnt help because he/she has given me a fake name.
Question Author
Latest update: He had just sent me an email "f*** off, little boy"

I have given him an ultimatum of 3 days time to give me my money back.

Do investigations by the police take years and gradually slip by if its of an online nature? Why is this person being so brave despite me having all these evidence? How do I make sure that justice is done so that no one else has to deal with this troublemaker?
Hate to say it but the Police will virtually certainly say it is a matter for the banks to sort out. I had £600 removed from my bank account by a fraudster and the police would not even allow me to report it as a crime , just said it was up to the bank to sort out. I would report this to the bank no one else will at to know.
I think that Sinderella is right, you need to report this as soon as possible, not the route that you want to go down, but like she said, this despicable person could be the same to someone else! I think for him to retaliate by telling you to f**k off, shows that you are getting to him. As for paying him by bank transfer, I don't think it matters how you pay someone up front for something, it's a chance you always take! Maybe you should tell him that you are going to the police, or even the small claims court, you may not get your money back but at least you have done something and not just accepted it by putting it down to bad luck! Please keep us informed and good luck!!!
Next time you get a phishing e- mail from nigeria asking for your details so they can put millions in your bank account, give them his details!
Question Author
Yes, my ultimatum to him was to go to the police in 3 days time.
He is aware but doesnt care.
To make it more dramatic, I have stated that he is in offence of
1) fraud
2) impersonating a police officer
3) false representation of royal mail services
4) sending threats via email

All of which are actually true.

He emailed back and said that he also gives me 3 days to return back the package. He has changed his story and is now saying he is an EX police officer, however, continues to be rude. He has also added that royal mail has email-confirmed that his parcel (with the same invalid tracking code ending with GR - meaning from Germany) has arrived at my address. This person is either completely clueless or is ignoring my detailed explanations on how I have uncovered his lies and why his excuses are so illogical.

The bravado, cluelessness, excessive use of vulgar words and capitalisation whilst typing... I think I am dealing with a very immature/young person. Probably a male teenager or young adult. Another clue points to the fact that he has offered services of creating fake IDs for other underaged people on the internet using the exact same email address, although in the online advertisement, he/she had used the term 'new company' and 'colleagues' implying the possibility of more than a one person operation.

Thus, if i can find the home phone number and get in touch with the parents, I still might be able to get my money back. Trouble is I'm not sure how to do so legally.
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Help please. Trying to pin down a fraudster. overwhelming evidence.

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