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Mary1973 | 11:19 Sun 19th Feb 2012 | Criminal
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I have recently been selling trademarked items online which were Pandora Bracelets. I was buying them from China, and advertising them as Pandora styled bracelets, not genuine Pandora, and was selling them £20. I was by no way trying to decive anyone in to believing they were genuine Pandoras. Trading standards did a test purchase and have interviewed me. I was truthfully and told them exactly what I have mentioned above. I didnt make much money as I had only been selling them a few months. After waiting on eggshells for their descion on to prosecute, Trading Stadards ahve finally given me a caution under the trademark act.
What I need to know is, I work in training and am required to have an enhanced disclosure, will this type of caution usually show up there.
All responses will be gratefully recieived as I am currently worried I am dramitcally going to have to find a new career!


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It looks like cautions will show up on enhanced disclosure but if I was you I would speak to Trading Standards to see if it will show up. If so, or if they don't know, then I would mention what happened to your employer and give your side of the story (including fines/circumstances/etc) before they get the results of your disclosure or it will look like your were trying to hide it which would be worse. I should think that they would have a leeway with minor offences like this as long as they have nothing to do with what you are training people on.

Legally I don't know what will happen but I would say it is always better to talk to people about it rather than waiting and hoping. Good luck.
I'd come clean if you apply for a new job, just explain the circumstances if it's found that it will show up on ECRB. What goes on the disclosure can be at the discretion of the police officer putting together the report - if the offence is minor and nothing to do with the post being applied for, it may not show - IMO.
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Thankyou for that. The caution has been completed by Trading Standards, so I didnt know if this was different to a police caution. The caution states, that they they 'MIGHT' disclose it, which is why I have been left confused. When I sopke to trading standards on Friday, they could not give me any definate answers either. I do not see this caution, has anything of importance to do with the type of work I do either. I am looking for new work at the moment due to relocating area, and I didnt want to declare it, but feel if I had to I would and hopefully it wouldnt stop anyone from employing me.
Please ignore what others say who don't know what they are on about.

The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, I got interviewed by the police and TS and I got a fine and a caution from TS and the police weren't interest.

A TS caution will not show up on ANY CRB because it has nothing to do with the police. My TS caution is valid for 3 years and then TS will wipe it from their records.

So don't worry
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Thats very reassuring Jimmy, thankyou.

I guess I wont truly know until I have my next CRB check.

Thankyou once again.
Yes, only a POLICE caution will show up on a CRB check. The police will not even know about the trading standards caution.
As Eddie said the Police aren't bothered.

When I was interviewed under caution the Policeman keep yawning and looking at his watch
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I have read through the details of the caution, and it has been called a Simple Caution. After googling online, I have found out that this has replaced the former, Formal Caution. There are also some additional details attached to the caution, stated that they (TS), might disclose it for a CRB........which has now left be really confused, either they will or they won't!
After speaking with TS and my Solcitor they have both been very vague over the whole CRB check also :(
I work in training, and come into contact with vulnerable adults, this is the reason I have to have an enhaced disclosure. I have also now quering in my profession is one of the notifiable occupations, which mean s they may send notice to my employer. Yet again, TS and my solictor, havent been very helpful :(
hi sorry about this but it seems i might get some usefull info from the people who answered your question on here!, 3 weeks ago i was selling jewlery on a car boot sale and ts and police seized some of my jewelery and said it was counterfeit! i didnt know this as i bought all the jewelery off ebay and it never said, i purchased it cheap and sold it cheap, i never said or advertised as the jewelery was genuine, i never had any complaints, as i sold the bracelets for £8.00 each including gift box i paid £5.99 for each and i usually only make approx £30.00 a day at carboot after paying to get on there and get mine and my sons dinner, but cos im not working at moment any extra we made we used it for gas and leccy during the week, so the ts gave me a form to sign with what they have seized and said they will be in touch! they never arrested me or anything, that was 3 weeks ago, im really worried about what will happen to me can anyone help please, i contacted ebay and they basically washed their hands of me
when you were waiting for ts to let you know if they were going to prosecute or not how long did they make you wait?, also did they seize any jewelry you had if so how many?
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Extremely late update.

With reference to my previous post 2 years ago. The enhanced disclosure which I completed 3 months later came back clear. I did make my new employers aware of it but this type of incidents was deemed not relevant to my profession as I wasn't a risk . Phew :-)
Oh & TS did not return any of my jewellery making kit which included non marked beads and plain bracelets!

I only ever sell second hand gear now and would never trust anything purchased over the internet again in China!

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