Can we go on holiday with a pending court case?

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nicand_3 | 20:40 Wed 08th Feb 2012 | Criminal
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Hi, my boyfriend and I were stopped by Customs in June 2011 returning from our holiday in Bulgaria because my boyfriend though it was OK to bring back a knuckle-duster in his suitcase!! It's my 21st birthday this year (30 march 2012) and I want to go abroad for it and enjoy the sun but my boyfriend still has the court case pending. Will we be allowed to leave the country? His court dates are 21 Feb and 5 March 2012. I'm scared to book up and be told we're not allowed. Please help. Thank you.


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Your boyfriend is an idiot.

But as he must have been arrested and bailed to appear at court you need to check any bail conditions that were imposed. These may restrict his freedom of movement.
Most defendants are granted unconditional bail. Conditions are only applied if there is reason to believe that he will abscond, commit further offences or interfere with the course of justice. If he is on unconditional bail the only requirement is that he returns to court on the appointed day. But you should bear in mind that if circumstances change conditions may be applied to his bail.

But one thing that puzzles me is how is it that he has two future court dates? Normally a case is adjourned to one future date only, and if necessary further adjourned from then. Why has this matter taken more than seven months and still not been concluded?
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Thanks for both your answers. 'New Judge' - he told me that the first is the intermediate diet and the second is the one that will decide what has to happen to him - hopefully just a heavy fine! It's taken so long because it was adjourned from october until now - i don't understand why either.

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Can we go on holiday with a pending court case?

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