How can I represent myself in divorce and child contact case as I cannot afford legal costs?

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Iambewildered | 19:16 Mon 22nd Nov 2010 | Civil
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I am facing severe financial hardship as I cannot get legal aidbelieve that I cannot get legal aid. My husband attempted to take my 5 year old child in the night and I called police and he was arrested. I went to a solicitor and gor a prohibited steps order preventing him from coming to my home or the school. I have asked for a divorce and my solicitor is preparing papers for this on grounds of unreasonable behaviour.
The costs so far for all of this is over £1500 in legal fees and there are other court costs. My husband has legal aid and I believe that I won't get this as I have a job. I am the sole breadwinner with no other financial support or income supporting 2 children aged 13 and 5. Have been to court twice now and contact arrangements have not yet been agreed as I believe they should only be supervised for now as concerned about mental state of husband and am concerned about safety and welfare of 5 year old child... It seems that I am going to be paying the bill for everything and I have not done anything wrong. Can anyone offer any advice? This seems completely immoral as I have found myself in this situation requiring legal advice but not being able to afford it.


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What does your solicitor say? He must know if you are eligible for legal aid. Have a look here - having a job doesn't mean you are not eligible for some help. http://www.communityl...galaid/calculator.jsp
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Thank you for the advice. I will complete the legal aid applications forms and see if I am elgible for all or some of the costs involved.
I used an online divorce company they were very good and very cheap. I would recommend using them if you can't get the court fee's waivered.
you can also ring the communitylegalaid (link posted by another) and they can advise you if you qualify for legal aid and if so they can arrange for a solicitor to go through paperwork etc, infact everything except actually come to court with you. They will also ring you back if you request so it doesnt cost on your phone bill. Have you tried contacting your local County Court? They can supply the necessary divorce papers and advise you if you are fees exempt, ie on certain benefits (working tax, income support) or low income (for which you supply the court with 3 months worth of bank statements - one being dated within a month of you applying for a divorce as proof of low income). The form is EX160 - fees exemption application.

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How can I represent myself in divorce and child contact case as I cannot afford legal costs?

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