can I pay less than agreed?

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sara3 | 17:13 Tue 26th Oct 2010 | Civil
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bathroom saga, part 25 :o/

the bathroom in being re-done from scratch. so far I've paid absolutely nothing (they've not asked for anything) but I was told the whole job would take a week to 10 days, and I'd have no water in my bathroom for 1-2 days.

they started on Mon 11th Oct. it's been slow, they've made (cosmetic) mistakes and had to rectify them. there have been 4 working days when no one came. the tilers finished today (lovely job) and I've had to chase up the boss to see if someone will be here tomorrow. he's not sure and will get back to me.

I have had NO bathroom water from Day 1. fortunately I have a downstairs toilet!

so, can I pay him less than agreed? how should I approach this? thanks.


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^ I've tried to nab her......boy i've tried :0)

May i echo sara's comment JTH.......heard you went through it and glad you're back and all ok now hopefully, my lovely xx

Gotta go.........see you tommorrow at some point hopefully.

Sara, good luck sweetheart and be tough with 'em. xx
you could say you have the calls recorded...if this was done over the phone...might make him think twice about trying to deny stuff

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can I pay less than agreed?

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