Joint Tenancy in a Council Flat

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lizzydrippin | 21:03 Thu 21st Oct 2010 | Civil
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It seem that there is a policy with regards to joint tenants in council accomadation that says if one tenant leaves then the other tenant also has to vacate the flat. I think that in reality it would be unworkable and the remaining tenant would have the tenancy changed into their name only. But I have a friend who shares a joint tenancy with her partner and even though the relationship has completely broken down she says that they are forced to stay put in their council flat (its a one bedroomed flat for people who are over 55) because if the fellow goes (like he wants to ) then she will also have to move out. So she's pretty much telling the guy, you can't leave cos then I'll be homeless. She is a good friend of mine and Ive an idea that this is a ploy on her part to keep him there in the flat. But is it actually a policy that is ever enforced for real?


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I don't think there is a national policy...which council is it?
I don't know if this is for all councils, you would have to ask your local council.
Direct.Gov says that while in practice it ends the tenancy, councils can grant a new one
This is the policy of most councils.
It evenaffects family's. I know of a case where a woman & her 4 children were living in a council house, the woman was taken ill and died, the 4 children had to get out even though they could prove they could still pay the rent etc. The kids weren't babiies , Eldest 18, & 16 yr old twins & a 14 yr old.
They went into care, with the 18yr old going to live with a relative.
How much did that cost the council? & what trauma for the kids. GRRR!!

A tenancy agreement can only be passed on once - a joint to sole tenancy would count, as would 'inheriting' a tenancy from a deceased relative on whom you were dependent. Whether the Council agrees to reallocate the tenancy to a sole one is discretionary in the case of a relationship breakdown... but I have never heard of them terminating the tenancy just because one of the people moves out. However that person's name would remain on the tenancy.
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Thanks very much for all your answers. Appreciated.

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Joint Tenancy in a Council Flat

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