Employment contract issues

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Mattymango | 18:25 Mon 11th Oct 2010 | Civil
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I was employed under contract for a period of about 11 months - I was underpaid for a large part of this contract. (weekly pay)

I raised the issue several times with the General Manager, who insisted me that it would be sorted. After ceasing to work there I decided to pursue the matter through the payroll company and head office.

I have now been informed that as I 'waited' over a year to formally complain that the company believes this forms an implied contract whereby I am not entitled to any money - though have offered me a sum as a 'gesture of goodwill'

I have signed a contract stating that I agreed to my original wage, and read and understood an employee handbook (never saw one)
Does this constitute an implied contract, and would such an implied contract trump a signed contract in this case?


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If you are saying that you have a piece of paper saying you would be paid x for doing y (aka a letter that confirms your salary) then just write to the company one last time enclosing a copy of the evidence and give them a couple of weeks to sort it.
This is not an implied term issue - an implied term is when there is nothing written down but the actions over a length of time make it such that it forms part of your contract.
Do as BM says. Also ring ACAS for advice. You probably have a right to go to an Employment Tribunal for unpaid wages.

I think what the company are saying is rubbish.

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Employment contract issues

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