Do we need better quality Police force? Why are there so many ignorant coppers????

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postage | 08:52 Tue 14th Sep 2010 | Civil
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About 12.15 midlnight last night, my mate had unexpected visitors --- police banging on his door. Saying they received a 999 call from a mobile phone that was registered at his address. They don’t know who it was and they know why it happened.

So to cut the story short they came to investigate incase some one was in stress. Hahahaha I mean would it not make sence to track the trace the call?? Rather then go to the premises where it is registered, the person with the MB could be out and about --- could be getting robbed or killed ???

Any way the coppers went in to the property with out a warrant and to make things worse they did,nt even explain any thing apart from well some one made a drop call to 999

My mate was least to say puzzled by the whole thing….

Couple of months ago I had the same thing happen to me but at 2.30am I was fast asleep and the police banging down my door. Aske me if some ,,,,,,,, lived their I say no just me. Took all mydetails down and asked me for my ,mobile phone then laughed and left.!!!!!!

Said wrong person.

What is the procedure for search and stop?


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Whilst i am no fan of the police in all my years i have never been awoken by them in the middle of the night. Maybe you have a criminal record
Perhaps you were sleeping in a suspicous manner.

I guess they have to check reports out, but it all seems rather strange to me.

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Do we need better quality Police force? Why are there so many ignorant coppers????

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