Can i claim housing benefit for a house owned by my father

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hiblingz | 23:55 Sun 29th Aug 2010 | Civil
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i recieve housing benefit for a house which i rent from a private landlord.

he has told me that the mortgage payments for the house i am renting from him have gone up

I spoke to the council and they told me i have to cover the shortfall myself as i allready recieve the maximum ammount of benefit.

There is no way i can cover the shortfall so my father has aggreed to buy a house and let it to me (buy to let)

Will i still be able to claim housing benefit?


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yes it will be ok, cos my dad and i did the same thing, as long as it is done properly with tenacy agreement and rent book and all that, and of course you have to be seen to be paying the shortfall.
09:03 Tue 07th Sep 2010
You should still be able to claim Local Housing Allowance (which has replaced the old Housing Benefit for new claims). To check the amount that you'll get, start by using the Bedroom Entitlement Calculator here:
Then use the Post Code Search to find the actual amount that you can claim.

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I do not think that councils look at rentals within families the same way as non-family rentals. After all what is to stop the father giving the rent money to his daughter, that would amount to benefit fraud.
If a daughter paid her father for the rent of a house he would probably put it towards the mortgage. If he didn't, but gave it back to her instead, how would that be fraud? He would simply be giving his daughter a gift.
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i rent a house from my father and have claimed housing on a few occasions...never had any problems

i am not sure why so many people seem to think this is not allowed...
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its called being a landlord.

if i was a landlord, i would rather my tenants were people i knew and could trust.

or do you expect your parents to house you for free for the rest of your life just because they own a house?
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"or do you expect your parents to house you for free for the rest of your life just because they own a house"

A similar comment has been posted before.

If you can't expect your parents to house you if they are in a position to do so, why expect the tax payers to stump up, many of whom are in dire circumstances themselves with no-one to turn to (and in many cases are not entitled to any financial assistance from anybody).
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my dad is running a business...he has not given me a free house...he has owned since i was born...he had other he has me

some people just really cant separate reality from some perceived slight that somehow someone somewhere is getting away with something....
Joko, you are getting something for nothing if your rent is paid by the benefit system.
but it would be paid regardless of who the landlord its really irrelevant ...

and i didnt say something for nothing...i said getting away with something...very different things...why try to twist words?
"some people just really cant separate reality from... [insert delusion here]"

What, like having a house 'in spirit' i.e. it is simultaneously yours and not yours?

http://www.theanswerb...e/Question928590.html really are missing the point of this thread a bit dont you think? you are not the only one though...

its not about me or my situation...its about the fact that the LAW recognises that this is a perfectly legal and acceptable situation...they do not view it as people scamming them...
it is not a loophole or people getting something for nothing...its just a perfectly fair and sensible situation...and really isnt much different from strangers renting property.

instead of trying to stir things up - why doesnt someone actually explain what is wrong with it, instead of this kneejerk stuff?

seems people dont actually know whats wrong with it...but they just dont like 'sound' of it, because it 'sounds' like their must be something dodgy going on...

aberant - I am looking to change my situation, hence that other thread - is bears no relevance to this one. quite sad that you looked it up really
If my dad had a box room, and I needed a place to live, and he wouldn't let me unless I (or the tax payer) paid him rent, I have to say, I would disown him.
My cousin lives with my Grandad rent free.
That's what family's are for ummmm. Good on your Gran.

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Can i claim housing benefit for a house owned by my father

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