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diamondgirl1973 | 11:13 Wed 10th Mar 2010 | Civil
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I have a 7 week old baby. She has double barrel surname (fathers name is second name). The father is Nigerian. Due to an incident involving police, he has now asked me for a copy of baby birth certificate. His reason is "just to keep with him". I have no doubt of him caring for baby but have doubt of him possibly obtaining a passport and leaving with baby to Nigeria. I have been on Passport website and it has said if fathers name there he can apply without me.

My question is, can he obtain passport with only extract certificate? If he can't I can give him that. Does he need full certificate? Last thing, is there a sort of flagging system within passport office I could put in place just in case he applies for one?

Please help urgently. The babys father would like me to go to registration with him today to get certificate.

Thank you


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He can buy a copy of the full certificate from the registry office anyway - anyone can

So if he has that in mind you not giving him a copy won't make the slightest difference
Apply to get your baby a passport yourself. I don't think they can have two.
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I agree with ummmm get a passport yourself first thing
Eddie, Diamondgirl is British and lives in Scotland.
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