Never ending Court Case....Help...........

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ELVIS68 | 23:38 Fri 07th Aug 2009 | Civil
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Last year on the advice from Trading Standards I took an Electrical Suppliers to court over a faulty TV, I had to use the suppliers as it was an insurance claim and rather than the insurers issue me with a cheque to go and buy a new TV they said I had to get one through this company.

Trading Standards said I should name the insurers as a second party on the court papers because they were the ones that introduced me to the suppliers.

Before the court hearing the suppliers offered me a settlement out of court (in writing) but Trading Standards advised me that this sum wasn`t enough and to carry on with the court case.

A few weeks before the hearing the suppliers went into administration and the hearing went ahead with with just myself and the judge present and he said because of what`s happened I now need to persue the insurance company.

He set a date for a Disposal Hearing with the insurance company and I then received a letter from the insurance companys solicitors asking for my permission to allow this to go to the small claims court instead of a disposal hearing.

I went to Citizens Advice and they said to decline this and to continue with the Disposal Hearing so I sent a letter to the solicitors declining their request.

I then received a letter from the court saying it will go to a small claims hearing and it`ll cost me �75, that`s on top of the �65 the original hearing.

All I`ve got in my defence is a report from an independent engineer stating the TVs damage was caused by an inherent fault ( the TV was only 14 months old) and a letter from the suppliers offering to settle out of court Whereas today I received a 90 page defence statement from the insurance companys solicitors.

Do I stand a chance in this case or will I get ripped to shreds in court?


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Never ending Court Case....Help...........

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