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JamesSA | 10:20 Thu 19th Mar 2009 | Civil
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I have received a letter from solicitors acting for a major
sports governing body telling me that they have discovered that I have sold tickets to their sporting events on ebay and as this contravenes their "rules" they are demanding that I :-

1. Tell them where I got the tickets from

2. Send them the profit that I made from the sale

3. Undertake not to sell tickets in future

If I fail to to these they are threatening me with court

As I understand it, it is NOT illegal to resell sports tickets
(except football), although the governing bodies of other sports have been trying unsuccessfully to get the law changed for years.

Also, I understand that the validity of the "No transfer of tickets" rules printed on the tickets have been ruled as unacceptable by the EU as they would constitute a "restrictive contract". I can think of no other situation where, after I had legally purchased something,
I was not allowed to resell that "something" at whatever price I liked.

Does anyone know what is likely to happen if I do not respond? Will the sports body really take legal action against an individual who resold tickets? What sort of court would this take place in (small claims?) and what would the alleged offence be? What penalties would
I face if I could not convince the court that this is a restrictive practice? I am very loath to say where I got the tickets from as this would be betraying a totally innocent third party.

Thanks in advance


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I received that letter too just a couple of days ago, please advise what I should do? Anyone out there had the same strong letter about selling tickets on ebay? Just FYI they are not football tickets. Thanks, help appreciated!

Have any of you guys had any update regarding these letters. I got one today and not sure what to do!

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Selling sports tickets on ebay

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