Split up with partner and can't come to agreement with the house and loan.

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Shaz2009 | 18:23 Sat 28th Feb 2009 | Civil
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Can someone please help? My friends partner left her 5 years ago, they had a relationship for 10years together, he had 2 children from previous marriage and one with my friend. When they split up, she moved out, her ex-partners girlfriend moved into her property, who was also her ex's boss. The house was put up for sale. Ex was relocating. He and his girlfriend planned a relocation package from the company they both worked for. Although my friend was aware the property had been put on the market, she did not know of her ex's plans. Her ex had submitted her Id and forged signature on documents stating my friend was leaving her job and relocating with him, his company also where dealing with the sale of the house. Even the Estate agents did not have knowledge of her. When my friend became aware of her ex's action she put a stop to the sale of the house. Her ex and his girlfriend lost there jobs. Her ex did relocate. And my friend moved back to the property, with the hope she will buy her ex out, however every offer she put forward her ex declined, they had 30K loan joint which her ex would not pay for, therefore she has been paying the mortgage and the loan for over 5 years. Her ex has claimed the loan was only for her purposes although the loan was in joint names, it was paid into her account. She has obtained statements for her account which prove the money was used for both. Her ex recently obtained a order for sale via court, he has lied in his statements, stating he is the one who worked and my friend has never worked and paid anything towards the house, therefore all the equity is his. I help my friend to obtain her tax and ni information from the tax office which proves she has always worked. She has asked for another offer but he has gone all quiet again as the house prices have dropped. Is there anyway my friend can claim half mortgage and half towards loan. Her ex left the property by choice and was not forced out?


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Your friend has the right in Law to recover the payments that her ex should have made. She should seek the advice of a solicitor and bring an action against him in the County Court. The fact that he has been forging signatures etc is a criminal matter, and should be addressed to a Solicitor to report to the relevant people, your friend may advise the estate agents who dealt with the marketing to sue her ex under the tort of deceit.

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Split up with partner and can't come to agreement with the house and loan.

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