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terambulan | 00:53 Fri 06th Jun 2008 | Civil
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On a website I was researching for criminal records of people known to me. I got a 'green tick' on my enquiry but had to profer credit crd details for further info. When I went back to site after paying it was only USA criminal records. And they acharged me twice! �20 ea. Have asked for the money refunded but ignored. Up for grabs, anyone interested?


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No - criminal records online are protected by UK data protection laws and it would be illegal to access them.

You got what you paid for - access to criminal records. Can I have a link to the site to see exactly what was advertised?
u have been conned.
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This is the website:

This is who takes the CC payments:

Publisher's Site: ClickBank Customer Service

All useless to me!

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I had a quick look at the joining up page, and the prices are in dollars.
It is very clear from the first page this is a US site:

"Want more?
Government-Records public record resources are
available in every US state including:

Begin Searching public records of people all across the United States by doing a Public Record Search today! You too can have instant access to gain new found knowledge on millions of individuals accross the US."

So sorry - you haven't been conned - you just didn't read what you were paying for. A clear case of buyer beware.

As others have stated, you accessed a US website, so it's not unreasonable that you could only obtain US data.

As Ethel points out, it's strictly illegal (under data protection laws) for anyone to access UK criminal records. Obviously, certain official bodies (such as the police) are exempt but even they need to have 'justifiable cause' to access criminal records. All searches of criminal records, by police officers, are recorded and subject to audit. There was a well-reported case where a long-serving police officer used the system to check whether his daughter's boyfriend had a criminal record. His unauthorised search was picked up and he was sacked, prosecuted and imprisoned. There's no way you can legally access UK criminal records.

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Ah well, now I know. I had been told different when I did the search. So, anyone want my subscription? It wont be refunded and I have no need for it. Free....dont expect payment.
Well if you don't mind could i have it?
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you will have to give me your email....then I send you register etc
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maybe ur mobile then I could text u details?

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