How do I resolve a boundary dispute?

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paulina | 19:21 Mon 02nd Jun 2008 | Civil
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I came home from 4 nights away to discover my neighbour has erected a fence over the boundary and on my property. He has also hacked back a lavender hedge and a 17 year old hibiscus has had it's gowing shoot cut out. There is a covenant in the original contract that the property is "open plan and no fences are to be erected, but he became aggresive when I mentioned the fence and destruction of my plants, saying the fence was central and the plants had overhung his garden He said the fence stays and walked away.

Where do I go from here?


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You write him a formal letter (you can pay a lawyer to do it, but it won't say anything different). Point out that there are covenants requiring no fences to be erected and that you require him to remove his fence and reinstate the land within 14 days. If he doesn't, you will enforce the covenants through the Courts and seek damages.

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How do I resolve a boundary dispute?

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