Security cameras overlooking my property

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claguey | 21:19 Mon 30th Jul 2007 | Civil
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A nearby business has had 2 fisheye type CCTV cameras put up. Where one is sited it overlooks the back of my house & garden and several of my neighbours properties. Its really horrible, you can't even step out of the back door without seeing the camera - and if I can see it - it can see me. It's right on a level with my adult daughter's bedroom and its freaking her out. Where do I stand? Who can make them take it down? What about my privacy? Are they in breach of ECHR or Data Protection or something? They are not a reasonable firm, all the residents have had problems with them and they are not interested, so it would make no difference asking them to relocate it. Help please, what can I do?


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Were you consulted by the business before the installation of the CCTV? If not then you should contact the government commissioner as the cameras are in breach of Data Protection and possibly Human Rights laws. /data_protection/detailed_specialist_guides/cc tv_code_of_practice.pdf
You should concern with commissioner. Related to your problem. They will understand your problem and how to handle it. Here i suggest you to use video door phone for security reason to record all the stir in your premises.


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Security cameras overlooking my property

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