Q 6 Divorce Petition about Costs

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jedimistress | 08:19 Thu 21st Jun 2007 | Civil
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On the Acknowledgment of Service form, question 6 asks if I object to paying costs, even if divorce is undefended. On the actual divorce petition it states the petitioner will claim the costs if defended. I'm unsure what to write in box 6. I don't object to paying if ordered by the judge but I won't be defending it so is it likely he/she will order me to pay the costs or the petitioner? I'd obviously like the petitioner to pay the costs. If I write "no I don't object to paying even if undefended", does this mean I will have to pay costs even though petitioner has stated "the respondant be ordered to pay costs IF DEFENDED". Sorry if my question seems unclear.


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if youre happy to get the divorce and will not be arguing the case or defending you wont have to pay a penny,
i refused to petition for divorce against my s**pper of an ex wife on the basis she wasnt worth spending another penny on, so she took divorce proceedings and i escaped free of charge!

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Q 6 Divorce Petition about Costs

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