Result of Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing from a Divorce

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nella pinder | 16:04 Thu 22nd Feb 2007 | Civil
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I agreed in court last November 2006 that I would take over all the financial debts accrued during the marriage e.g. �90,000, remain in the matrimonial home with our school-age son, as well as take over the remaining mortgage of just over �50,000 making it a total of �140,00, because my husband had kept the Endowment Policy valued at 54,000 etc. The court order also stated and which we both agreed and signed the order that we would both share equally the costs of my having to remortgage our home. Now, after much delay and obtacles on his part - my former husband and his solicitor have both disagreed with the order that he should take responsibility for half of the costs. In the court order as well - I have to pay him �15,900 (which, thankfully I managed to secure in the remortgaging). However, my solicitor has now informed me that either I accept the cheque from the mortgage company to pay off my husband, the financial debts, pay him his �15,900 and the costs incurred for the conveyancing, or else she would have to send back the cheque to the mortgage company! I've agreed to accept the cheque from my solicitor after she deducts the costs and pay my creditors and the mortgage company. My question is: "Can I take my husband back to court to recoup the costs as laid down in the court order?" I feel that this is grossly unfair and that he's flouting the law. I won't have any money to pay another solicitor to take the case back to court, but can I do so myself - because after all, I've had to wait nearly 2 years for this case to come to an end and he should pay his half of the costs as laid out in the court order. Can someone please advise me, because I'm at my wits end and I cannot understand for the life of me why my solicitor cannot deduct his half of the cost from his �15,900? Thanks Nella


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Result of Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing from a Divorce

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