Queen's Jubilee Event- Photographing Children

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Gromit33 | 18:48 Mon 02nd May 2022 | Civil
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Hi all,
I have been asked to take photos at our village Jubilee celebrations next month, which I'm happy to do, however could someone advise requirements regarding images containing minors- especially if they will be subsequently uploaded to our website/social media. Thank you.


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In pulblic in the uk there are no restrictions. Here's what the police say but its the same on all the websites I could find.
20:22 Mon 02nd May 2022
You are very careful when you is take. Pictures you has the phone camera or not is easy I sorry my English is not is very good but you is take corse photographs you can
Will it be in a public place or private?
In pulblic in the uk there are no restrictions. Here's what the police say but its the same on all the websites I could find.
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Thank you, although this covers taking photos, wondering if there is anything further about uploading to website/social media?
You will also own the copyright of the photos and can do what you like with them within other laws eg obscenity legislation.
The only thing that you may need to think of (and its commoner than you'd think) is if there will be people there who are in hiding eg from an abusive spouse and who won't want their image published for safety reasons.... if folk know you are there, it might be worth saying before the event that a photographer will be there and the photos will be published on local media. It'll give folk a chance to be careful.
As others have indicated, there are generally no restrictions upon taking photographs when you're on your own land, in a public place or where you've been given permission to take photographs. (There are, of course, certain exceptions that apply to everything from secret military installations to voyeurism or CCTV but they're simply not relevant here).

Even if you take photographs in private places then (as long as you steer clear of the various types of exceptions that I've alluded to above) you're still not committing a criminal offence. It's entirely a civil matter. For example, as far as the criminal law is concerned, it's perfectly legal to walk into someone's garden to photograph them there (or, through the windows of their house) inside their homes.

The person who takes a photograph (or the organisation that he/she is working for when doing so) is the copyright holder and is free to publish it wherever he/she (or other copyright holder) likes. If the publication is for commercial gain (e.g. a photograph of someone enjoying a pint of beer used in order to promote that brand of beer), a person in a photograph can demand (and, if necessary, sue for) a modelling fee but, in general, people photographed in public places have no say about the publication of their images. The rules (or lack of them) are exactly the same for photographs of children as they are for those of adults.
Will the event have a Privacy Notice on display.

The event organiser could also announce that photos will be taken and their uses, so make it known that if a person does not want their photo taken.

If taking photos I always ask if its ok. If taking photos at the nursery at work, first thing I do is check with the manager, as there are children who can’t be photographed, or some who can, but not to go on social media.

If I’m given photos to put on a website, I always credit the photographer - which gives a means of removing any image.

If at an event I make it known that I don’t want my photo taken, nor do I want it on the internet.

I was at an event and unknown to me the speaker took photos. I only found out when a friend told me I was on social media. I contacted the speaker and had my photo removed.

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Queen's Jubilee Event- Photographing Children

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