Next Doors Workmen Asked For Access To My Property

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cottonbud | 12:03 Wed 13th Oct 2021 | Civil
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My next door neighbours are having work done. We do not get on.
The workmen have just knocked, asking if they could access my property, take off my fence panel (Which they would put back)as it would be easier for them to do the work.
I have refused them access to my property. I did say, it wasn't anything personally against them (the workmen)
Both properties are privately owned.
As this is not emergency work and the workmen are not a large utility company, am I within my rights to deny them to gain access via my property ?. I have googled who can enter my property, police etc
Many thanks for AB help


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You are entitled to refuse access but you will be punishing the workmen not your neighbour.
Yes you are well within your rights to deny access to workmen working on a neighbouring property, with the exception of Utility companies and Emergency services.
You are within your rights, but I would have allowed them access.
Just keep in mind that even if you can't for see at the moment, you may need the same request. If they put right what they remove were is the harm. Just make sure you tell them that they have to leave things as they find them, or you will be passing on a bill to them.
It would have been more polite if your neighbours had the wherewithal to ask you themselves
As it's only a fence panel why not allow them to do it - think of the gratitude due from your neighbours, even if they don't show it. They'll then 'owe' you, and might be much friendlier. Also, you might need to ask them for something in future.
If you do agree, it could reduce the ill-will.
A few years ago I looked out of the window and found builders in my garden doing work in my neighbours garden. The fence was taken down and they were just walking back and forth whilst working. This was a neighbour I'd had previous problems with and she hadn't asked my permission if they could use my garden. She was a nasty piece of work and made my life hell until she moved.
I answered on the legal right to deny access. I would probably let them enter, depending on what they want to do. Its one thing taking off a fence panel to allow the workers more room next door -its another thing to allow them to drive a mini-digger over your property to access next door. Make sure you know what they want access for it you decide to allow them.
It will just cause more bad feeling.
Just let them go ahead with it. Rise above it
If you do agree, make sure you take photos of the area before they start, in case of disputed damage.
I don't agree. I could make things much worse if the workmen make a mess.
Nothing to add to any of the above.
Except... the Titles to both houses may possibly include "Reciprocal Rights."
It often applies to older properties, but it's not uncommon.
Those rights just mean you can legally do unto each other, so to speak when access is needed for work.

This is a sad situation that I've come across before, but very rarely.
When it arose, I tried to act as intermediary by getting the two parties together.
And banging their heads together. Well, not literally maybe, but I usually got them to see sense by putting myself in the position of taking the flak from both sides.
Giving them both someone to blame usually got the job done.

I just wish that more tradesmen realised that diplomacy is often the greater part of resolution. :o)

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Next Doors Workmen Asked For Access To My Property

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