Can I Go Back To Uk If I Have Pre-Settled Status?

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at8609 | 09:49 Tue 23rd Feb 2021 | Civil
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1. I am an EU citizen and used to live in UK for a couple of years. I have the pre-settled status, but left in August, 2020. I wish to go back there in around May, 2021. Do I have the right to live again in the UK?
2. My girlfrien is in the same situation, just she has left the UK in January, 2020. Also, can she travel back there in May?


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What kind of passport do you have?
Assuming your nationality is not one which requires a visa to enter the UK (for example if you are from the EU) then you can travel to and enter the UK more or less at any time. However, how long you can stay and what you can do (e.g. work) while there is something that will be subject to conditions and limitations, maybe prohibited altogether. Regarding such matters you would have to enquire at the Home Office to have a reasonably reliable answer to your question. I would not rely on anything from anyone else, including Answerbank. My further inclination would be to mistrust the UK authorities because they are notoriously disorganised and unreliable (unstable ?) - what you have from them from before (pre-settled status) may well be deemed "expired", "invalid" or whatever.

Right now you would have to go into specified hotel accommodation and pay for it yourself plus Covid tests. Why would you want to go to the UK at all ?
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I have a normal passport. Basicly I would not have any problem to travel to UK, as before many times.
My main problem is, at some sites I read, if I am away for more than 6 months I lose the pre settled status. Other places says, I can be away for maximum 2 years.
Anyway, my plan is to go back and work. I have a job offer as well.

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Can I Go Back To Uk If I Have Pre-Settled Status?

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