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Kassee | 14:47 Wed 02nd Nov 2016 | Civil
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My nuisance neighbour next door (the one with the barking dog) is putting up a wooden fence back to back with the one already there. My fence was done a few years ago, it is treated, wooden with concrete posts, in good condition, put up about four years ago (before neighbour lived there).

He is putting up another wooden fence back to back only about two foot higher in back garden, and in the front about six foot higher than mine. The posts dont even match up. It looks terrible from my side. Is he allowed to do that ??


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He will need planning permission if it is higher than 6' 6" as I was told when I wanted to erect a tall fence.
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Divebuddy, I needed planning permission for a tall fence.
is it rented or council or does he own it ..I do sympathise with you x
I thought the way that fences were done was that posts were on the owner's side.
Always has been around these parts.
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it is my fence, my side, the opposite side would be my neighbours. Both properties are mortgaged, or owned by occupants.
douglas, that may the case in your area but it not the general practice throughout the UK.
Kassee, he can put another fence parallel to yours on his own land but it has to be within the height limits set by your local council. Contact them to check but it's usually 6'6 at the rear of the property and lower than that at the front.

He cannot attach his own fence to yours in any way without your permission.
usually 1m to front 2m to back
contact local council planning dept and advise them what is happening..they will pay him a visit and give him the word....
I've already said this, but been ignored !!
I had exactly the same problem with neighbours in the past..1m height to front of property and 2 m to rear beyond those heights planning application is neighbour thought otherwise and was compelled to pull fence down..wee
^ poor neighbour ...
Maybe we're just good-mannered, considerate and neighbourly up here. :)
// I'm sorry to say, he is allowed to do that.//

I am less sorry to say he is allowed to do that - the englishmans home is his castle blah blah blah - i think DB is answering the subtext - can I ring up the police and will they take him away, pull his finger nails out and then flood the cell with poison gas ( after fonning gas masks themselves so they dont get gassed themselves ha! clever huh ? ) or else after they leave ?

No you cant

in terms of height - yes your local authority may rule that planning permission is needed for a ffence higher than 1.8m ( or whatever)
so ring soon as they can stop work until the application is heard

and contact neighours at war - this is more a case you dont like your awful neighbours rather than their fensy is an eye-sore ?
here am I
no you havent been ignored !
it is common for the best answer to be discounted ( as not wanted ) and some awful crip to be given BA - after all this is AB and not the High Court ! ( pun intended ! we are a day after the Brexit case )

and I also missed the punch line for my cont above:

and DB will probably say: O no we dont do that now !
ter daaah !
( but we still shoot people saying (we thought) they were armed when they arent )
ter daah again !

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