Landlord Demanding Extra Money

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HongKongphooey | 21:56 Mon 27th Jun 2016 | Civil
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My Daughter has been living in London since last October. She is in her first job after uni and gets paid approx £1450 a month after tax. She signed a 9 month tenancyin Nov 2015 on a flat share with 3 other flatmates, each of them pay £900 a month rent. Now the tenancy will be up in August and my daughter had planned to stay for the imediate future, thinking it will be too much hassle to find another flatshare, and she gets on well with her flatmates. However the landlord has just sent a new contract, insisting they all sign now for 9 months from Aug 16 to April 17, and charging £50 for them to sign it. Also he wants all 4 of the tenants to pay £100 each for a deep clean, wether they move out or not. My daughter says it doesn't need deep cleaning, and a cleaner comes once a month (included in the rent payment) to clean anyway. Does she have to pay this? I know her landlord has 20 other such flats in London at least. She is struggling with all her costs Rent £900, Travel to work £40 per week, Student Loan repayment which this month was £200 and food for herself. I can't afford to sub her, I earn half what she does! I think this Landlord has a cheek adding all these extra charges, is it legal or mandatory to pay?


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That's awful! The greedy #######! I hope there's someone in the know on AB that can help with some positive advice.
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Yes, I thought that myself Patsy, hope someone can give us some advice!
I share your concerns as young faction fictions are also paying a huge chunk of their salary for pretty basic accommodation in shared flats in London. I don't know how people in non-professional roles afford to live there- I can only assume many get some sort of housing benefit. I would feel like telling the landlord to get lost but i know it's difficult to find somewhere else and she could end up somewhere she doesn't like for the same price.
I think the legalities may depend on the terms of the contract but even then landlords know they have the upper hand.
As a slight aside, I don't know which student loan repayment scheme your daughter is on but the £200 loan repayment this month must have been two month worth (or salary must have included an annual bonus) since if it was just one month's worth it would mean she is earning close to £40K a year.
Good luck. Hopefully someone here should see it who is an expert in this area. Or maybe she could ask CAB
Ask CAB or the Shelter advice line.
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Thanks guys, I will try CAB or Shelter. Yeh, this the first student loan payment, she got a small half year bonus, but after paying off her £200 overdraft, and paying back her stepdad £1000 for the original deposit on the flat,there's not much left!
it is a new contract and I think the landlord is allowed to vary the clauses to be honest....
It is normal to charge to renew the tenancy agreement through an agency. I had to pay £30 - I did it twice and then spoke to the landlord and told her I was planning on stay longterm and she waived it (paid it herself). As for the deepclean - he can ask what he wants if your daughter won't do it - there are others that will!

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Landlord Demanding Extra Money

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