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woofas | 17:47 Sat 05th Dec 2015 | Civil
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My telephone connection is from a pole in the street over my neighbour's front garden to my house. On the way it encounters some rapidly growing conifers. With the increasing winds, who will be responsible if the wire is damaged/snapped? Will BT repair the wire when it is clear that it will happen again & will there be a charge? I have suggested that the trees be lopped but nothing has happened.


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BT are responsible for the line as far as the box inside your house, so no cost to you.
Same happened to us, but the neighbour was co-operative and cut his trees right back. As them again and until they get fed up with you asking!

Try to get on with your neighbours for chrissakes
if you want to see what happens when you fall out over possible future damage to something that doesnt belong to you ( to wit the BT cable )
watch 'Nasty Nieghbours'

I find this compulsive viewing since my family spent £10 000 in 1994 on a neighbours dispute ( well he did say and then do .... " I am putting up scaffolidng on your prooperty to rebuildt and convert a barn and I wont pay for damage... )

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