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lizzydrippin | 21:57 Mon 09th Mar 2015 | Civil
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A drone landed in my garden and after seeing an advert on a free ads site offering a £50 reward for its return. I phoned the number and thenowner of the drone now doesnt want to pay the reward but wants it back. where do stand on this?


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Did you tell him where you live?

If not then you still have the upper hand in any negotiations ...

Keep it. Your property it landed in, so its yours.

Tell him it's cash up front or it goes in the Bin!
£50 ?? tell them £100 or its a dustbin job.
If you had kids in the garden it could have harmed them, sell it on Ebay.
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Will the queen bee not pay the return fee?
Tell him it demolished a £500 Greenhouse, so £50 is a bargain,
Where do you stand on this?

Right in the middle of it.
Sell it on e-bay
Tell him to pay up or you'll confiscate the drone and report him to the authorities for breaching regulations

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Drone In Garden

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