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starone | 00:22 Thu 23rd Oct 2014 | Civil
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I have one of these and it is very useful because at my age I find it quite difficult to walk without using some kind of aid. Now here is my question - today I had to go to the hospital and the parking there is practically non-existent. There is parking about 50yds up the road in a multi-story car park, and so that I will not have to walk too far my daughter dropped me off at the hospital and helped me in and then went to the car park with the blue card and parked in the disability places. Then she walked back to the hospital where I was waiting. She did the same procedure only the other way around when I had finished the treatment and came out. Now someone has told us this is not allowed. The card can only be used if I am in the car all the time and she is not allowed to be in the car alone even if she is parking it after making sure I was delivered at the hospital. Surely this cannot be right - it is supposed to help me not hinder. Might as well not have it if it cannot be used as we have previously used it. Is there a huge fine? Hope this is plain - it is rather involved or as the Americans say "complicated".


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If you weren't actually having to walk to/from the car then they might have a point. Disabled spaces usually allow parking nearer to make it easier for the disabled person to get to wherever it is they have to get to, but if you were being dropped off at the door then the car didn't need to be parked in a disabled space. My OH is a blue badge holder and that's how I...
08:33 Thu 23rd Oct 2014
Providing you were her passenger no probs but there has been some misuse in the past when badge has been used without the holder being transported
If you're being dropped off and picked up the the badge is being used correctly.
'Someone' is wrong, starone. It's all in the booklet that comes with the badge.
Your daughter did right. All our hospitals have disable parking. Anyone driving you about can show your bluey for parking (great ruse to get out with friends).
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If you weren't actually having to walk to/from the car then they might have a point. Disabled spaces usually allow parking nearer to make it easier for the disabled person to get to wherever it is they have to get to, but if you were being dropped off at the door then the car didn't need to be parked in a disabled space. My OH is a blue badge holder and that's how I understand the rules.
The card is being misused.
If she is dropping you off she can park in a normal space and walk back to where you are, she does not need the disabled parking space and the short walk, it is you that does.
your daughter could have parked any where and not take up a disabled space stopping someone who needed the space from using it
There should be no problem with the way your daughter acted. (I have a blue badge too). The car was being used for you, so she is entitled to park it in the disabled spaces.

If she was using the car for her own use it would be different. She would then not be allowed to use the disabled spaces.
It must also be appreciated that when some elderly or disabled or people with mental issues or dementia are dropped off at the door, they may be very concerned or unable to cope with being alone for anymore than a couple of minutes, so the daughter having then to disappear for 20 minutes to try to find a parking space could certainly put that person at risk.
I've just looked up the rules and I think Ratty and Daffy are right. Your daughter could have parked on double yellow lines outside the hospital but as soon as she leaves you and drives away to park it ceases to be a disabled car and has to obey normal parking rules.
In this instance your daughter is not allowed to use the blue badge or the disabled bay. Both are for the benefit of the disabled person and not their driver. Your daughter did not need that space as she could walk from any parking space.
The confusion arises because anyone can drive a zero tax disabled class car without the disabled person provided they are carrying out errands on their behalf. They are not allowed to use either the badge or a disabled bay
Did the blue badge allow free parking? If so then I can see why it was used, though that free parking might have applied even if not in a disabled space.
The purpose of the journey was to take you to hospital so it was right to use it.

If there was no free parking, then I cannot see why your daughter used a disabled parking space - unless she felt there was a possibility you might walk back to the car.
I am in similar position
and even paid an internal fine for wrong parking 'just to get them off my back' rather than I admitted what I was doing was wrong

Point out ( your daughter should) point out it is disabled parking and not disabled dropping off point and if they wish to re-label it as such
she would start dropping off and and not parking

What she should NOT do is scream: shoot me shoot me I know all about you lot - look at Canada ! why dont you shave ? ( that last bit was a joke by the way )

No it is not complicated - it is the usual bullying of the disabled by the able-bodied
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Thanks for all the answers everyone, the matter is now more clear to me. I did actually walk back to the car with great difficulty - stick in one hand and holding daughter's arm with the other, took about half an hour to walk 100 yards but it did make me wonder. She dropped me off on the way to the hospital but I walked back. The hospital is the Bristol Royal Infirmary and it is right in the middle of the town with only a few parking spaces which are always occupied. The nearest parking is a multi story which you have to pay for. Come to think of it the hospital probably charge for theirs, but that was not the point. I do not mind paying it is the walking that is difficult. I do not have a disability allowance or car, just the blue badge card, which is very useful. I looked in the parking guide but could not find a specific answer so have found your answers very useful. Thanks again.
In the following link about that hospital

there is the following phrase:

"There is disabled parking adjacent to each of the main buildings. See map above"

Perhaps it is worth investigating if any of these are available to use next time.
If there are yellow lines nearer to the hospital your daughter can park there for 3 hours displaying the blue badge - just be careful that it isn't a red route (no stopping ever for anybody) or in a no loading area (yellow lines up the kerb as well as alongside it).
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Hopkirk - it says that, but it is very misleading as the parking places are extremely sparse. I think it is the result of it being an old hospital (with new bits plastered on) or more likely being in the middle of the city with everything crammed in and no room for anything. And believe me, it is very crowded.
hc - I will tell my daughter this, there might be room up a side street. The hospital is directly on to a very busy main road but it might have somewhere, just needs looking for.
Thanks both of you for helping me.
I do know the predicament having to go to a very busy large hospital with my mother every three months. We've given up on the parking and take a taxi. I appreciate not everyone can do that, especially if they live any distance from the hospital but there simply is not enough parking at these super large hospitals.
I know the area, Starone.
I can confirm that if you parked up on double yellows outside, half of Bristol would become gridlocked.
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I live in an outlying small town hc and recently after one of those mini strokes the doctor said I must go into hospital for tests. My daughter was in Tenerife and so I had to provide my own transport. The taxi cost £25. I had to stay overnight and then the next day the taxi back cost another £25. The nurses and doctors were lovely and took great care of me and of course the other patients. Fortunately for me I have enough money but I hate to think of anyone who has to manage on a tiny pension having to provide this.

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