Medication mistake

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ruthandsam | 13:39 Tue 23rd Sep 2014 | Civil
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Been feeling like *** for a week and had to have time off work because of it.

Decided to look at my medication that has been prescribed for some time now, only to discover that I've been having a massive dose of drug in evening. I am prescribed the XL version or better known as modified release dose.

There has been an error at the doctors / pharmacy when repeat prescription was issued as they gave me the Non XL version. The dates when I started taking my repeat prescription co-inside with the time I have had to go on sick leave.

I don't want this to happen to anybody else so where do I go from here? I've had the GP apologise but I don't think that is good enough.

Many thanks


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What are you hoping for ? Compensation, or assurance that all will be well ?
So was the prescription wrong or was the prescription right and you were given the wrong thing? What do you want to happen?
Unfortunately no matter what you do or say human error can always creep in, so it isnt a matter of it not happening to anyone else in the future. For sure it will happen again. Such is life.
Hope you are feeling better now.
Don't you always check that you've been given the correct prescription? My wife always checks that the doctor has prescribed the right stuff AND that the pharmacist dispenses it correctly.
Indeed mistakes will happen,no one is above them, I was once given ear drops and the printed label said 'apply to each eye...' - I of course knew that was wrong but made a point of showing the pharmacy the error.

As said above, you need to sit down and think what resolution you want from this - reimbursement of lost wages? or more?,or a reassurance that more care will be taken.

Was the error made at GP level or Pharmacy? Both will have a complaints procedure.
OK - you go thro the complaint procedures at the GPs - they will have one and you start at the GPs desk and work from there.

You can then complain to the GMC - now at Euston Rd -side branch St James Bldg Oxford rd Manch.

Do the same for the pharmacy. start locally and work your way up to the regulator - and I cant remember if it is the Royal Pharm Society

You are not required to find out if it is a prescribing error ( doctor's fault ) or a dispensing error ( pharmacy fault ) before you start

You do NOT have to exhaust local remedies before trying the London regulators.

This will cause absolute chaos for about a year.

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Medication mistake

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