What is the minimum age to be a legal guardian in the UK?

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thussain | 20:37 Sun 22nd Apr 2012 | Civil
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My husband & I are updating our wills and are considering legal guardianship for our daughters (aged 16 & 12). We'd like to name our eldest daughter guardian for her sister, particularly since the youngest goes to boarding school so it is only a part-time responsibility. Is she able at age 16 or do we need to wait until she is 18?
Please don't respond with moral objections. None of our other options are acceptable for a variety of reasons. Also, we have no intention of dying for many years!!


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18 is the legal age, i'm afraid.
If you don't appoint a guardian for your girls, a court will do so in the unlikely event of your death. This will be a senior social worker. It is however legal for a 16-year-old to look after a 12-y-o, so you could appoint a guardian who understands your wishes and would be prepared to assume that role but would not have to become involved in day-to-day care. That way, social services would not enter the picture. I suggest you get some legal advice if this is a serious concern for you.

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What is the minimum age to be a legal guardian in the UK?

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