Divorce costs.

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chinadog | 00:06 Mon 07th Nov 2011 | Civil
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When I started divorce proceedings in July my solicitor told me the cost would be around £500. I'm going to pay that off by direct debit. When I saw my solicitor again last week he told me I was going to have to pay another £400-500 when I get the decree absolute around February. I asked him how come? he said "costs etc". I'm wondering if I could stop with the solicitor and do an online divorce. Any advice gratefully received. TIA. china.


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you can download the forms and do it all yourself. I did mine some years ago, very simple if you're both agreeable and don't have issues with child care.

I'll find the link..
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A friend refused to divorce her husband. He wanted the divorce but said he could not afford it so that she could not claim maintenance. he died. She claimed his pension.
DIY @ £300+ in 4months approx.
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Thanks a lot sara. No child issues,my youngest is 26 and lives with me.

this will be the cheapest way to go..
tambo beat me to it!

it's quite simple, just work through the forms to their timescale.

best of luck :o)
I got my divorce for about £40 for court costs, I just picked up the relevant forms from the courts.

Its easy to do if there are no complications, children etc.
Daisy, can you claim deceased's pension, I thought pensions stopped when deceased?
Teacher's pension.
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aw thanks all, OH is not contesting he was quite happy to sit back and let me do the divorcing even though he left me. The house was in his name but my name's now on the land registry. I resent paying out anymore,my savings are dropping as the house needed work done on it so, I'll read those links you've posted to me. Thanks once again. china.
<,<Teacher's pension. >>

Surely she claimed the widow's pension, not his pension as such? Either half or one third of his pension not the whole lot.

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Divorce costs.

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