Ex wife wants assets ... Reposted from "what is an asset"

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WiseOldSage | 09:02 Sun 14th Aug 2011 | Civil
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My husband and his ex wife really botched up their divorce and now it has come back to haunt us. We now have to fill in a form E (financial statement) and the form asks for my income, assets and liabilities. My house was mine before I met him and my savings are made up of money saved before I met him, a tribunal pay off and a matured bond. I now have to declare a whole load of stuff to go in the pot - this is so unfair. He is still paying her mortgage and she has not contributed at all - my question is what is an asset in legal speak because it does not specifically say property and, he only has to put down info, "if known to him". Can I refuse to give him the information for the form?


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This is a duplicate post, there are answers on the other one http://www.theanswerb.../Question1046966.html
Boxtops someone told her to repost as it was felt the original title did not reflect the question

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Ex wife wants assets ... Reposted from "what is an asset"

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