Workers Can Benefit From Career Breaks

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

In most cases, career breaks are the preserve of middle-aged professionals keen to take a respite from the rat race they have been on non-stop for at least a couple of decades and enjoy 12 months of golf or globe-trotting. For most people, walking away from a stable job, particularly in the current economic climate, is something of a risk.

However, according to some employment experts, far from putting a professional at a disadvantage, taking time out from the coalface can actively enhance their careers and open up a range of new job opportunities over the longer-term future.

The founder of the an online career break firm, explained that those candidates whose CVs boast additions such as studying or working overseas or volunteering in the community are likely to stand out from the usual crowd.

She added, however: "Some people are still unaware that employers value the skills you can get on a career break."

"It is not just the formal skills and qualifications factor but also soft skills like problem solving, overcoming challenges, gaining confidence and communication skills that are a big part of it as well."

However, jobseekers may soon be required to go further to get themselves noticed by employers as growing numbers opt to take time out and either travel the world or gain work experience.

According to a recently-published study from a leading insurance website, it is estimated that an additional 260,000 Britons are likely to have take career breaks, with the 35-to-54 age group in particular getting itchy feet, meaning that actually working on a career break, rather than just travelling the world, could be key to staying one step ahead of the competition.

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