Recruitment Agencies

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Agencies are sometimes a good way to make the job hunting process a painless one. As many large companies and institutions recruit through agencies signing up to a job or recruitment agency is a good idea.

Choosing an agency can be a tricky decision – some will work with specific industries and may therefore have a reduced scope. Of course, if you plan to work in a specific industry then an industry specific expert might be the right way to go! Look at their websites for information as to who they usually cater for in terms of industry, skills and age – this will make applying a great deal simpler.

Contacting the Agency

The agency works as a kind of broker between you and potential employers. When you contact the agency they will attempt to find out what kind of job or career you are looking for and your skill-sets. They will also ask for an up-to-date copy of your CV – you should already have this prepared. You should only be put forward for work you are capable of. Lying at this point is never a good move!

As most agencies deal with both temporary and permanent vacancies you could consider putting yourself forward for both temporary and permanent work – if you are really strapped for cash it might be a good idea to gain any work possible.


Sometimes you will have to do on-the-spot interviews or tests – this would seem to be a problem to begin with, but the situation will be accounted for in most cases. A common test for office work will be of your knowledge and ability to use Microsoft office, typing speed, spelling and grammar and your data entry skills. If you fail the test it is often best to try a different agency – but as you can sign up to several agencies at once you could end up having many more job options avialble to you than before.

Getting the Best Results from an Agency

The best way to get on well with your agency is to attempt to create a good relationship with them. Do not be afraid to call them up and check how they are doing in finding you a placement – be chatty and polite and you should be well on your way to having a much more efficient service.

Make sure you understand the whole process through completely – if you are unsure it is a good idea to ask. You need to know if you will be notified when a CV is sent through to you and whether they’ll pass on any company information to you at that time. If you are working in a very specialist area there may be fees at your end of the deal – if you are not working in a specialist area you should not have to pay any, the client at the other end will be footing the bill.

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