Owing hours back

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beverleymot | 21:55 Mon 21st Feb 2011 | Jobs & Education
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Hi all!! I have recently handed in my notice at my job and i owe 50.8 hours to them for time off that they offered over xmas when it was less busy- i have already made up 55 of these hours ( i originally owed 105) but i am leaving on 18th March and i am currently working out a way to pay back these hours.

I have given them a plan of how to owe back 44 of these hours and i accept defeat on the other 6 as i am squeezing in the other hours which leaves me no room for these 6 hours. I have received my plan back from HR today and they have said they can only accommodate me for 16 of these hours, and the other 34.8 will be taken out of my wages when i leave.

Can they do this? i have obv offered them these hours but i dont know if they can actually refuse them AND take the money back out of wages?Thanks


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yes i think so - after all they have paid you for work you can no longer do. poor you though!
work a longer notice
Yes I agree, they can take it out of your wages. When people leave where I work they usually offset it with any A/L they had and were still entitled to or pay.
Yes, I think they can - sorry.
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but they were offering o/t on saturdays which i was happy to do but they wouldn't give me the opprtunity to do it
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thanks guys- i cant work a longer notice i have already received paperwork from my new job with my start date as 21st March
I can understand that, why would they pay you overtime when you already owe them a couple of weeks' worth of hours back?
if they were offering it to you, how were they not giving you the opportunity to do it?
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sorry i didnt mean o/t i meant the opportunity to pay the hours back
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they were asking individuals to work it instead of advertising it to everyone who owed hours
Did your employer send you home because there was no work?
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No they have never sent me home during my normal hors but regarding making up the time they have not offered me anything since 31 jan even though they have had the opportunity for making up hours they didn't offer it to me and I didn't know about it until after there was no availability left
I'd go back to your HR department and ask why - but I think you will have to bite the bullet otherwise, and accept that you're going to have the money deducted.

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Owing hours back

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