theory test exam tomorrow?

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DavideMexia | 16:26 Sun 20th Feb 2011 | Jobs & Education
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Tomorrow i am due my theory test exam in the afternoon

For those who passed their theory test recently (2/3 months ago) please tell me if they found it hard ? How was the questions ? Did you pass? How much did you score?

This is because the dvla recently changed few things on the theory test exams. The pass mark is 44/50 and hazard perception 44/75. There is a case study, 50 questions.

At the moment, i finished all the question from the dvd theory test software. I score in average about 49/50 and in the hazard perception test i score 62/75. At the moment i am doing a 2003/04 version which is identical. Just to practice.

So, just tell me how did you find your exam? Anything else you advice me to do before the exam?


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you've already posted this and had replies.. http://www.theanswerb...g/Question987071.html
but hey, good luck!
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I know i did but that was 2 weeks ago. I need to know what the % pass rate... does everyone passes in the first attempt?
Pass rates for 2009 (which is the most up to date information I can find on the DSA website):

Hi I passed this test many years ago, but a friend sat it last week, she used some software from the d.v.l.a. the same thing you used by the sound of it, anyway she passed with flying colours. She got the results straight after, but out of 20 people who got there results she said 8 did not pass, but they admitted they didn't really study for it. So the lesson is if you study you will be fine. Try not to worry.
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Thanks for the info.

I passed the theory test today. Got 50/50 and 62/75.
Well done :)

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theory test exam tomorrow?

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