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mollykins | 19:58 Mon 10th Jan 2011 | Jobs & Education
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My friend (who got pretty average grades at GCSE) has just told me how much revision he's done for his january exams . . .

''wow! 4 business, i started when we came back from the holidays...
i did spanish all through the holidays though :/
now ive done my business, im starting my ICT 4 next friday
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike''

and this was my reply;

'' From my maths today, I can tell you that, that won't be enough, and it may be too late. I start revising the night after a lesson, by going over things as I put them in my folder, aswell as doing all the homework, then doing exrtra revision of things we did in september and october to refresh my memory, and I still couldn't answer all the questions! 8 minutes ago ·''

He hasn't replied yet. What do you think his chances of passing are? He said he does about 4 hours per subject per week (including homework, no CW yet) during term time.


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^ each of you can only
Sara "boys are better at exams than girls" Hmmmmm is that why there are now more male teachers than female,

yet more female Dr and Vets than male?????

Those who can do........those who can't teach!
Molly, you can't possibly know how much revision he has actually done.
He might have done tonnes, yet just wants people to assume he's intelligent enough to get by without much revision.
Or, he may have lied about the amount of revision he did for his GCSEs and done quite well off his own back.
As Prudie very well stated, everyone is different. Some people do amazingly well with no revision. Example; my husband did really well in his education, and he would quickly skim through his books about an hour before his exams. Simply because this was the optimum way his brain absorbed information, and he would have it fresh and ready for the exams.
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He found them extremely difficult . . . . and others found them easy uhoh . . .
That means nothing ... the others may have misread the questions.
I could only agree with the others who have said everyone has a different way of doing things. It really isn't for you to judge and should probably mind your own business.

Academia is not the be all and end all, there are a lot of very successful (and incredibly rich!) people who didn't excel or have an interest in studying. Some people are just more practical or exel at other things or just in a more vocational context. Some people are held back by conditions such as dyslexia such as Richard Branson and Theo Paphitis, I'd say they've done ok!

Look at people like Alan Sugar, James Caan etc... Of course academics have their place but it's not everything for everyone.

People learn and retain information in very different ways. I had friends who could do little or no revision and breeze exams, similarly people who would revise more than most others but still couldn't make the grades - not to say they didn't end up successful though, some people just aren't good at responding to exam questions/conditions and more academic ways of learning.

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oh dear

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