advice needed, managers lies got my husband into trouble

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ccfluff | 14:36 Mon 11th Oct 2010 | Jobs & Education
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my husband had an accident at work and reported it to his manager. This manager didnt record it and so my husband is being disciplined for gross misconduct. The manager says that he never told him and the investigating manager has taken his side, there were no witnesses. My husband has had dealings with both managers in past, one tried to sack him, the other lied about him in a grievance. What can we do?


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i would probably seek professional advice from a employment law firm as at the moment it is your hubby against x2 senior managers :(
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thanks, theres more to the story though, we have quite a bit of evidence to confirm the managers have lied, even the investigating manager has conducted interviews with this manager, with no minute taker. There was also a witness to the accident, but because he cant recall all of it, the manager claims the accident never happened. The accident happened six months ago, so witnesses arent bound to remember all the ins and outs.
an impartial person has to doi the investigative interview and have a notetaker present, then it goes to the disciplinary meeting where both sides should have witnesses and a note taker should be present. if this procedure has not been followed then they cannot progress with the disciplinary
Try & get the witness to come forward with some recollection of the accident, the date/time/day/conditions, If it was me.I would get a reference from other companies for defence of my Character, If you have a union get their legal people to help you, if it goes in your favour I would recommend the company get rid of these two if not ( But this is up to your husband) you will take this further as they are calling your Husband a liar as this is a defamation of character, this in-turn could affect your husbands future employment.

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advice needed, managers lies got my husband into trouble

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