any ideas please

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rachael88 | 18:42 Fri 16th Jul 2010 | Jobs & Education
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hi there , at work we have to try and sell credit cards and i have to try to find ideas how to,
what would want you to open one the most ?
it is..
3 month intrest free on purcheses in other stores
6 monts intrest free in store
9 months free for balance transfers

collect points for vouchers
1 point with every £1 you spend out store
5 points with every £1 you spend in store (and in all arcadia stores)

every 500 point you collect you get a £5 voucher and you can use the vouchers in store and arcadia stores,

you can get £50 instant spend
double points on your first purhcise
and we get a 20% off day every month for card holders only

18.9% apr

if you went in the shop and they ask you about the card what question would temp you to open one

thank you


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0% for ever and i'll have one.
To be3 blunt, if i went intro a store and was hassled by a shop assistant for a store card (which im assuming you mean?) I'd walk back out again.
£50 instant spend would tempt me, I would buy something then cancel it.
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to ask at the tills
Rachael, I know it's your job but I am sick and tired of Dorothy Perkins/Burtons staff saying - would you like 10% off this purchase, sign up now? - no I wouldn't, the interest rate is quite high compared with my existing cards. If any of your offers were going to tempt me it would be the 9 months o% balance transfer, but it would depend how much Arcadia were going to charge as a transfer fee. What I do then is balance transfer and at 8.5 months in, transfer it out to another 0% offer which my other cards send me quite often..... a £5 voucher for a £500 spend is only 1% return, I can get better than that by putting the £500 in my building society. Also - I never sign up for anything on the spot, there is nothing worse than hanging around in a shop whilst the assistant phones up for a credit check before they can offer you a card - or not, as happened to me ones. If I want a new card, I apply on-line after much consideration. Sorry!
I'd like you to not take out a credit check, just say yes and not penalise me if I missed a payment or made a late payment.

Since no credit card company worth its profit is going to do that, then I'd like you to keep your credit card to yourself and not bother me again about it, please.
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in our store we do not do anything on the phone as it is all online and it only take us 5 mins to do
That's an improvement then, Rachael - but the answer is still no, the interest rate is too high. I cannot bear being hassled when I shop, I don't now go into shops like Claire's where they follow you round with a basket (although I do understand that's because of shoplifters). There is a teller at my building society who I try to avoid because every time I go to the counter she tries to flog me something else - please - no....
I just get irked with being asked 'would you like a..........(whatever) - if I want anything I'll apply for it/buy it/sign up to receive it without being prompted - I'm an adult.
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fair enough lol, i hate getting hassled too thats why i am trying to just ask on the tills instead of every were else in the shop, the only way it will work is if we can hit target every day, thats why i am on trying to find ideas,

what is the best opening line when getting asked for a credit card ?
DP's say (when you go to the till to pay) "would you like to save 10% on this by opening an account with us today?" which does sound quite tempting, if you were that way inclined. I must admit that a headline banner saying "0% credit for 6 months (or more!)" usually makes me take a look.
PS what's the target, how many people are you expected to sign up each day?
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with our store only being small its only 5 a day but now were lucky to get 2 , so now the managers are makeing us walking around the floor.
That's quite a lot in the current financial climate, to be honest another credit card is the last thing I'd think of taking on at the moment. Are people still signing up?
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yea in larger stores there targets are 20-30 a day and they always meet target lol
"what is the best opening line when getting asked for a credit card ?"

I don't think there is one. The minute they start to say 'excuse me, but can I interest you ... do you have a credit card ... what if I told you ... blah blah', I give them a 'talk to the hand' gesture. If they ask me again when I pass by five minutes later, they get a few choice words from me too, because I expect a good sales person to remember me whether I buy or not.

When I worked shops many, many moons ago, we were told to make ourselves approachable without approaching because the latter is the quickest way to send a potential customer away.

Perhaps a good start would be to catch someone's eye and comment on the weather or even just ask them if they're OK, before you move in for the killer line.
75% off every purchase with a card( because of the huge APR interest) and we'll do business.
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thank you peeps : )

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