Company closed down- what about my reference?!!

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-mermaid- | 10:42 Mon 12th Jul 2010 | Jobs & Education
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I'm currently a uni student, looking for summer work, however the company I used to work for have closed down, and despite several attempts to e-mail their head office have had no response and today I tried to phone them and the number was not recognised! Having always been in education, I don't have a huge wealth of references and this was my main one, I haven't a had a single job offer from anywhere I have applied all summer and it's now clearly because they can't obtain my references!

What can I do about this? The only other job I've really had (as I was there for nearly 3 years) I was sacked from (long story, I didn't really do anything wrong and was a good employee for all of that time until I moved to uni and transferred to another store where the staff were very unfriendly to me, I was unhappy where I was living so just stopped showing up... stupid I know, but it was making my life even more miserable at the time!). I never appealed the decision to fire me as at the time it didn't really matter but now I'm left with no references and big gaps in my CV! I do have a current, term time job at uni but I literally just started it before I came back for summer so can't really get a reference from that yet...

...anyone got any advice? Or am I royally screwed all for a few weeks of being a kn*b?!! Any idea on how to turn the situation around? =(


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I was made redundant from my last job and the company went bust and disapeared. I have resulted to putting a note on my C.V mentioning the situation as it is. I worked for said company for said amount of time. Unfortunately said company went into administration and I have no contact details for the company director so unfortunately I cannot get a reference. Or something to that effect. So far it has not been much of an issue for me. But I am lucky in the sense I had a job before this role. Have you tried Companies House website to get the details of your employer? You may be able to contact them this way. But to be honest even if you do get in contact they are unlikely to be bothered to do you a reference.
most jobs don't usually ask for references till they have at least interviewed you, so i wouldn't presume you haven't heard anything because of lack of references
Any company looking to employ you will surely know that you have been in education all this time. Not all students work whilst at school/college/uni this is the best excuse you could have for being out of work. You were furthering your education.
Agree with the above. If all you are applying for is summer work, there can be no expectation that you will have any previous work experience, but to an extent it is going to depend on the type of work you are after.
Just stick with the story that the only company you've previously worked for is bust and you can't get a reference from them.
I agree with the answers above, I worked for a company that went bust. I was able to get another job, temporary that went permanent. Just be honest and tell them what happened, it should not put them off.
Just don't tell them you were fired!
The same prob with me as well, I am also looking for the solution mate. Please let me know if you will find any solution for that. my email id if [email protected]
I had left my previous company to complete my Post Graduation studies, that time the company was running well. But in the last week the company was closed. Now how should I give any reference?
I am sorry, I meant to say last year.

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Company closed down- what about my reference?!!

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