If monthly pay day falls at the weekend should pay be received on the Friday

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woozer | 08:55 Mon 26th Apr 2010 | Jobs & Education
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For the last 20 odd years I have been paid monthly and when the due date fell on a weekend or bank holiday then the money was paid to me on the last banking day before the due date. I am contractually due to be paid on the 25th of each month and this month my new employer paid the money into my account on Sunday ! I was away on holiday so did not find out until Saturday that there was no money in my account to pay Direct Debits due out on Monday so has to spend Saturday faffing around with banks and getting really stressed. Happily I have been paid - but am I right in thinking that I should receive my wages on the last official banking day before a weekend or bank holiday - I dont want to get into a wrangle about it at work !


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The Key to your story there I think is the "my new employer", I take it that the company has been bought out. During the first year especially you will begin to notice alot of minor differences between the two companies. Your first port of call should be to H.R. if you dont have a Human Resources department then it will be payroll, get it confirmed with them when the pay is going to be going in, if this differs with your contract then you may want to point this out now rather than later. This may mean a slight change in the contract, which will then need to be agreed apon (exactly like sarting a new contract)
I took it that woozer has recently moved to a new employer.
Not all employers operate the same arrangements
You need to clarify what the arrangments are. I don't think there is any law on this other than the contact between you and the employer.
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Hi - thanks for your replies. I have just started a new job - at a friends suggestion I phoned ACAS and they have confirmed that their is no legal ruling on the matter. Thanks again.

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If monthly pay day falls at the weekend should pay be received on the Friday

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