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davewr | 09:51 Wed 17th Mar 2010 | Jobs & Education
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My daughter is currently working at a Primary school in Newcastle. Her boyfriend has been offered a place at Birmingham University and she is thinking of packing in her job to follow him down there. Has anyone any information on the availability of teaching jobs in primary schools at Birmingham, or any suggestions where she could get an idea of the chances of employment.


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She could try the TES, either the newspaper or the website. Also, Birmingham City Council are likely to have jobs listed on their website. If it's for this September start looking soon as many schools (or so I've been told) appoint new members of staff by the May half term.
Birmingham City Council is drastically reducing the number of people it employs in an attempt to balance the books. While teaching jobs might not be affected as much as some other areas of employment, it's likely that Birmingham will 'ring fence' many teaching vacancies (offering them only to teachers who've been displaced from elsewhere in the city).

Any 'open' vacancies should appear here:

If your daughter would prefer a copy of Birmingham's 'Jobs4U Bulletin' (which is published fortnightly and lists all vacancies with the council) she can download it from here:

Your daughter might find improved employment opportunities if she considers working in neighbouring areas. See the list under 'West Midlands' here:

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Many thanks for the info. At least she should be able to get an idea of her chances.
Thanks again.
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Teaching Jobs in Birmingham

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